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    Google Maps:

    Click Here for Directions:

    Cottage Arrival Instructions:

    When you arrive in the Temagami area (just south of the town of Temagami), turn left onto the Lake Temagami Access Road if you’re coming from the south, or right if you’re coming from the north. It’s best to call us now (if you have a cell phone) as cell service is not the best at the landing (if you require transportation to the island). Drive 11 miles (18 km) to the very end of the road (Mine Landing).

    If you have your own boat:

    You can come over on your own. There is a boat launch at the landing. Just head left; we are the second island on the right. The cottages are numbered sequentially, so just look for your cottage and land at the dock in front of your cottage. For parking, please be sure not to park in a reserved spot.

    If you need transportation to the island:

    If you haven’t called us already (705-237-8965), try again with your cell or try the pay phone at the landing (sometimes is out of order). Wait for the shuttle boat to arrive. Please be patient as there may be others ahead of you. Do not unload your vehicle until the shuttle boat gets there (as you may end up carrying everything further than you need to) as docks spaces may be limited as to where our boat can land. For parking, please be sure not to park in a reserved spot.
    Refer to the Lake Temagami Access map below.

    Landing Map

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