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    Many people come to Lake Temagami for the fishing experience. But many families also enjoy a visit here for hiking, boating, canoeing and relaxing. And at Canusa Vacations, several outdoor activities are provided. We also offer wifi and a pay phone is located at the main lodge for conversations home to loved ones. Cell phones work at various spots around the island, depending on your service provider.

    Hot Tub

    Relax in our large outdoor cedar hot tub, which can accommodate up to 10 people. The seats are at a comfortable sitting height, with jets situated around the tub with some soft lighting. Enjoy a view of the lake from this central spot.

    Sun Deck and Swim Area

    This area offers deck furniture for your relaxation and comfort. The slide, diving board, the small sand beach and the swim platform will provide you and your family hours of swimming opportunities. The area is roped off away from boaters, so it’s safe for your entire family.


    If you are part of a group, enjoy a game of beach volleyball with your friends. Or you can invite some of the other cottagers to join you in the fun. The court also works well for badminton and other racquet sports.


    Challenge a friend or one of your cottage neighbours to a game of horseshoes. It’s a great way to have fun, and meet your neighbours too.

    Camp Fire

    This is a great gathering spot at the end of the day where people have a chance to discuss their days. We provide the firewood, you provide the conversation, and Mother Nature provides the ambience.


    A very popular spot for hiking near Canusa Vacations is at High Rock Island. It’s just a short boat ride away where you can climb a well-travelled trail, and enjoy the breathtaking views. See our photo album for some pictures.


    At Canusa Vacations, we provide the rental of 14 foot Lund Deep Fishermen aluminum boats with 15 HP Mercury motors. There is plenty of docking space as each cottage has its own dock, and we have no docking fees. They are fully equipped with all safety equipment provided. Standard equipment includes life jackets, cruise-a-day gas tank, extra jerry-can of fuel, paddles, whistle, heaving line, flashlight, bailing can and an anchor with rope. For the convenience of our guests, we have available for sale: maps, gas and oil.


    Canoeing is a very popular activity on Lake Temagami. There are many canoe routes available of various lengths and designed for a variety of skill levels.


    In addition to boat/motor rentals, we provide a fish cleaning hut (with running water). For more information, see our Fishing section.