Fish Lake Temagami

A relaxed day of fishing, whether from a small canoe with light line or a well-equipped aluminum fishing boat, is still one of mankind’s treasured experiences. The smell of fresh fish in the pan, mixed with the aroma of wood and forest is a vacation highlight. Lake Temagami offers the mighty lake trout, pickerel (walleye), smallmouth bass, northern pike, and whitefish.

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Boat Rentals, Docks, and Fish Cleaning Facilities

At Canusa Vacations, we offer the rental of 14 foot Lund Deep Fishermen aluminum boats with 15HP Mercury motors. There is plenty of docking space as each cottage has its own dock, and we have no docking fees.  For the convenience of our guests, we have available for sale: maps, gas and oil. We also provide a fish cleaning hut (with running water).

Dan had great luck fishing Lake Temagami

Licenses and Fishing Regulations

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Arms and Bays Map of Lake Temagami

Lake Temagami Fish Species

Lake Temagami is 20,979 hectares (52,448 acres) in size, has a maximum depth of 110 metres (363 feet) and a mean depth of 18.2 metres (60 feet). The lake also has a low nutrient content. These qualities make Lake Temagami an oligotrophic lake and its deep clear waters provide the perfect habitat for lake trout and other species.

Lake Trout

Lake trout are long lived and continue to grow throughout their life span. Although lake trout reach ages exceeding 25 years, most caught by anglers are between 4 and 8 years old. Lake trout in excess of 14 kg (30 lbs.) have often been caught in Lake Temagami. A 44-pounder was landed in 1998, but at this time, we are not sure if this is still the record (since many do not get recorded).

The start of the season finds fish close to the surface, where flat-lining or running body-baits from planer-boards can be rewarding. If they’re really looking to tangle with the big fish, most anglers go deep. Down-rigging, trolling wire line, and jigging are preferred methods.

During the fall, winter and spring, lake trout are dispersed throughout the lake including the shallow, inshore areas. As surface water temperatures warm in the spring, the trout move to the deeper, colder parts of Lake Temagami.

In the summer, lake trout are usually taken on a solid metal spoon trolled deeply on a wire line or by using downriggers. In the spring and fall, you just need light trolling tackle.

Smallmouth Bass

Lake Temagami is well known for its lake trout, but a lot of people don’t realize that there is great smallmouth bass fishing here as well.

Smallmouth bass tend to be found in cool, clear waters beside rock shelves, in channels, and over shoals in open bays on Lake Temagami. Trolling, casting and live bait are all effective in catching the hard-fighting smallmouth bass. Most smallmouth bass that are caught on Lake Temagami, are between 1 and 3 pounds, but they can be as large as 6 pounds.

Walleye (pickerel)

Walleye (pickerel) is a fine eating fish and is normally a deep-dwelling predator which at dark moves into shallower water at river mouths, gravel shoals, and ends of islands of Lake Temagami to search for food. Mostly taken on big minnows, but also responds to trolling and casting with artificial baits.

Northern Pike

Northern pike are “action-fish”, second to none. Savagely striking and madly fighting when hooked, they provide many hours of sport for family fishermen. Troll or cast lures near weed beds, river mouths, and tangled shorelines of Lake Temagami.


Whitefish have long been a favourite species prized for their succulent white flesh. The whitefish on Lake Temagami are simple to catch and delicious to eat. They are normally caught within 10 feet of bottom with most being taken right off the lake bed.

The average size whitefish tends to be between 2 and 3 pounds but many fish over 5 pounds are caught each year. The whitefish easily outfight lake trout and pickerel (walleye) of similar size and has proven to be a favourite with many anglers. Many fishermen in Ontario are starting to realize that whitefish are a viable gamefish. Excellent table fare and strong fighters, they will continue to attract attention from the angling population

Lake Temagami Fishing Maps:

Lake Trout map of Lake Temagami
Bass fishing map of Lake Temagami
Walleye fish map of Lake Temagami