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We offer clean, comfortable accommodations in spacious cottages. These vacation homes are well spaced amongst mature trees providing freedom and privacy. Each cottage is located on the waterfront with its own private dock and outdoor gas barbecue for those naturally cooked meals.

Inside, standard features include electric heat, electric lights, electric refrigerators and stoves, microwaves, fully equipped kitchens and living rooms or a combination kitchenette/sitting room in the smaller cottages, and 3 piece baths. All bedding is provided for double, twin and bunk beds. Each cottage, accommodating from 2 to 6 people, has its own unique character and breathtaking view in a private, secluded setting.  Satellite TV service is available in each cottage and Wifi is accessible near the main lodge.

NEW (2011) – We now have Wifi access at the main lodge; don’t forget to bring your own portable device.


In the winter, we have 3 housekeeping cottages for rent, all with electric heat and hot and cold running water.

Canusa Vacations Island

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What is Included

This list has been created to help you with your packing – to ensure you bring the essentials and to help avoid bringing something you don’t need. Use it as a guideline; everyone has different needs. Email us or give us a call if you have any questions about anything on the list or not on the list.

Below is what is supplied in the cottage.
Electric heat, hot and cold running water, electric lights


fridge, stove, oven, microwave oven, table & chairs, sink, cupboards, calendar, dish drainer, fire extinguisher, garbage pail & lid, 2 ice cube trays, 2 oven mitts, pot scrubber(s), dish towels, dish cloths, dish detergent


dinner plates, luncheon plates, cereal bowls, cups, drinking glasses, microwave dish & lid, 4 plastic mixing bowls, colander, cutting board, grater, measuring cup, juice pitcher, milk pitcher, teapot


cutlery, barbecue lighter, tongs, can opener, can and bottle piercer, corkscrew, egg lifter, ladle, potato masher, potato peeler, scissors, spatula, large spoon, slotted spoon, measuring spoons, mixing spoons, tongs, whisk, 8 steak knives & block, 8 utility knives & block


pots and pans, bake pan, cast iron fry pan, roast pan, tea kettle, toaster, coffee pot


shower, sink, toilet, vanity mirror, towel bar(s), toilet paper, bath mat, garbage pail


bed, mattress covers, sheets, blankets, bedspreads, pillows, pillow protectors, pillowcases, dresser/nightstand(s), bed lamp(s), mirror(s)

Living Room

sofa and 1 or more chairs, TV/VCR, satellite dish, ceiling fan


2 ash trays, broom, dust pan, mop, pail, vaccuum cleaner


dock, outdoor chairs, barbecue, outside garbage pails

What to Bring

You need to bring

Food and drinks
Toiletries for bathroom (soap, shampoo, towels, wash cloths)

You may want to bring

VHS movies
Cassette or CD player (don’t forget batteries)

We sell maps, ice and fishing worms here, if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions(Cottages):

1) Do I require a Boating License?

Everyone regardless of age or type of powered recreational vessel operated will need a license. For our boat renters, we can issue you a temporary boating licence that is valid for your stay here.

2) How Can I Communicate Back Home?

Cell phone service is very unreliable on the lake. Please enjoy your vacation off the grid and untethered from the office. You’re here to relax.

We have a payphone here, so feel free to call home to let your family or friends know you’ve arrived safely and any other times as appropriate. You can also communicate with friends or family by having them call you at our pay phone (which allows incoming calls) at a pre-arranged time. The pay phone number is 705-237-9998. Note that the payphone only accepts coins, collect calls, or calling cards. You cannot use a credit card to make a long distance call.

Please advise anyone who may wish to contact you while you’re here that we are on a 5 1/2 acre island and that there are no phones in the cottages. So advise your family and/or friends to only call our business line in case of an emergency (and we will do our best to get a message to you).

In the event that you wish to contact someone, free high speed internet (wifi) is available at the main lodge near the pay phone (you will need to bring your laptop or other device).  There is no internet in the cottages.

3) Are Pets Allowed at Canusa?

We are sorry, we have a no pets policy

4) What Are Your Food Shopping Suggestions?

Regarding groceries and meal planning, we have a 4-burner stove, an oven, a microwave, a full-sized fridge with freezer compartment, and a barbecue outside the door. You can do your grocery shopping at home and pick up any perishable items in the town of Temagami at Our Daily Bread grocery store or, in North Bay at Sobey’s right off Highway 11 (about 60 miles before you get to us), or you can do all of your grocery shopping there. For a few items that you may forget, you can go to Boatline Bay Marine (about 2 miles from here by boat), or to Loon Lodge (about 1/2 mile by boat). There is a snack bar / “fast food” restaurant as well at Loon Lodge (open in the summer), and there are also a few restaurants in town.